“Papunta ka palang, pabalik na ako.” A popular line usually said by the elderly particularly our parents. There might be times that we get annoyed to them because of sermons time after time but when we look at the positive side, it is for our own good. They are always on our side in order to guide us towards the right path.
It is a trademark of Filipinos that the whole family lives under one roof, including our grandparents wherein adults still live with their parents even they get married and that is why homes for the aged are not popularized in the Philippines. Unlike in the other countries, they abandon the elderly when they start to get old. They require an individual to depart from their parents when they reach the legal age.
Annually, it is a tradition of the Aranzan Community to go in an orphanage and going back when I was grade 9, we went to Anawim – a home for an abandoned elderly founded by Bo Sanchez. It was a fulfilling experience to entertain and interact with the lolos and lolas wherein each student was given a chance to talk and eat with them. We danced, we sang, we laughed, we cried, and we enjoyed every moment that we are with the elderly. We danced and sang in order to make them smile, we laughed at those corny jokes, and we cried because of the stories shared by the elderly.
This activity served as the performance task of every student but we never think that this will be just a fulfillment of the subject but a fulfillment of our hearts. I am lucky that until now that I am still with my grandmothers even though my grandfathers have passed away. Today, as we celebrate the Filipino Elderly week, let us all see Jesus in our grandparents. Let’s take our time to bond with our loved ones especially with our lolos and lolas, pray for our grandparents who are sick and those who have passed away. (Lester de Castro)
Lester de Castro

Lester de Castro

Junior Writer, Website Team - Media Ministry

To those who know him, no words are required. To those who do not, no words will suffice. Lester R. de Castro is a “scholar ng bayan” at Polytechnic University of the Philippines taking up Accountancy, Business, and Management. Lester belongs to his batches’ “Cream of the Crop” dominating to a remarkable vision of the future. Currently, as a website writer of DSPNSDA’s Media and Public Information Ministry, the talents and skills he received from the Almighty above are being used and shared not only for his own good but for the good of others as well. He believes that in life, God must be the center who guides us towards the right path.
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